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  • Well what can I say except "thank you" what an incredible product Good Manners is. The judge even commented on Holly's beautiful manners! I'd recommend your product to anyone... | More |
  • I Love Dynavyte! I was amazed that just one supplement could cause such a huge difference in my mare in a relatively short time frame... | More |
  • Dynavyte is truly a great product! Since starting my horses on Dynavyte their coats now have a very healthy glow and they are all darker in colour... | More |
  • Thank you for such a marvellous product. Biggles has been on Dynavyte for over a month now and there have been significant improvements in his digestion, general health and wellbeing... | More |

Welcome to Excel Performance Products

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Excel Performance Products is a supplier of premium animal nutritional supplements and therapeutic products.  

*NEW* Joint Lube is an oral form of hyaluronic acid (HA) which is used to maintain joint health, minimize cartilage damage     and increase the viscosity of synovial fluid.


Our Premium Range of essential animal nutritional supplements and therapeutic products     are designed to meet the daily needs of animals in all life stages and     performance requirements:








Excel Performance Products is an Australian owned and managed company providing up-to-date animal nutritional supplement and therapeutic products for a range of domestic, livestock and performance animals, including: 


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